Print Finishing Services

Inner neck/tag prints

One of the best options for re-branding, we're masters of the no-feel, no-show inner neck prints. Water based inks, because they are so soft, are the best possible inks for inner neck/tag printing.

Sewing Service - Hem tags, inner neck labels, patches

We  offer a professional and affordable label, patch or tag sewing service. We can also professionally remove neck labels for replacement or inner neck prints.

Folding and Bagging

Some retailers require it, but if you are selling direct to consumers then folding and bagging is an essential professional touch. Folding and bagging also makes it easy to store and control your stock.

Branding, Sizing and Barcoding

Another professional touch which also aids storing and stock checking. Choose from our standard size labels or a custom branded 22mm sticker.

Swing Tags

We can either attach swing tags supplied by you or produce custom screen printed swing tags on a wide range of card stock to give you a unique bit of additional branding to your products.

Product Photography

Our print finish always sells garments but e-commerce sellers can't always get that across online.  

We offer product shot packages to help you make the most of your online sales.

Bespoke Production and Alteration

ALthough we have a huge range of organic and sustainable products to rebrand and decorate for you, sometimes what you are after isn't available in sustainable fabrics. If that's the case then we can make them for you.

Organic Cotton Custom Labels

A speciality here at Get A Grip is our in-house organic cotton labels. They can either be screen printed or digitally printed.

Custom Packaging

Recycled and sustainable custom packaging options are available on request.


iIf you would like to enquire about any of the services we provide, please get in touch!

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