A Better Finish

On both light and dark coloured fabrics, poly/cottons, Tencel, bamboo, polyester, Modal, linen, organic cotton, cotton and many more, our water based inks give the best possible, long lasting finish.

The ink is absorbed into the fabric leaving the crispest edges, brightest colours and long lasting prints that don't peel or flake off. You can iron the prints, flex them, stretch them, rub them, scratch them and they won't budge.

A Better Feel

With our Super Soft and Formaldehyde Free Discharge inks we can achieve astoundingly soft prints on light and dark coloured fabrics.

The ink is absorbed into the fabric rather than sitting on top so the printed area feels just like the rest of the fabric.

Our Discharge inks are Formaldehyde Free and do not need to be washed before they are worn for the first time.

Better For BIG Prints

Our water based inks are particularly suited to large/oversized prints. They are so soft and breathable that they not only remain comfortable and as soft as the original fabric but they are BREATHABLE. Unlike Plastisol inks which sit on top of the fabric like an oil/plastic sticker, our water based inks allow air and moisture to pass through the fabric.

Perfect for running, cycling and other active wear.  As comfortable as wearing a blank tee.

Better For The Planet

 Our inks do not contain PVC or phthalates or any other toxic chemicals. They are formulated free from lead and other heavy metals and passed the Oekotex Class 1 standard meaning they are safe to use on baby clothes under 2 years, underwear and swim wear. The vast majority have bee approved for use on organic cotton garments by The Soil Association.

As Soil Association certified screen printers we are certified to produce printed organic cotton clothing to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

Better For Your Customers or Staff

Our skin absorbs from the atmosphere around it. What you wear close to your skin can be absorbed into it. Baby's skin is especially absorbent. It is well documented that a bi-product of the manufacture of PVC are dioxins, which have strong links to cancer and other health conditions.  Because our inks don't contain any toxic chemicals or heavy metals, they are safe to wear next to your skin. And should be the only choice for baby garments.

Better For Us

As Screen printers, we spend our days in constant contact with our inks, handling, washing, breathing in the same space. We have only ever used water based inks, and only ever will. Our team's health and wellbeing is too important to use anything else.

By choosing water based inks, you are choosing to support safer, healthier working environments for screen printers.

As buyers and consumers you can make a difference to the way garments are printed. By supporting waterbased printers you will encourage more printers to make the switch to water based inks.

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