Environmental policy

only 100% waterbased inks

We have only ever used waterbased inks in our studio - they are better for you, our team and the planet.

GOTS Certified organic

We are an organic certified screen printer. Certified by the Soil Association.

none of waste goes to landfill

None of what little waste we produce goes to landfill, it is used to produce electricity.

powered by renewable energy

Our studio is powered by renewable energy and we  invest in the most energy efficient machinery available.

All of the above should be the minimum efforts that all garment printers make to improve the health and wellbeing of their staff and to limit their impact on the planet.

What truly sets Get A Grip Studio apart is our strict procurement policy. We do not offer or print on any fabrics we beleive to be unsustainable. 

We do not print on conventionally grown cotton - cotton grown with the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

We do not print on virgin polyester garments or any other petrochemical derived fabric unless it is recycled.

We do not print on leather or silk.

Since 2006 we have missed out on the majority of the available demand for garment printing services. It makes it harder for us to balance the books, to grow and to invest but the systems by which businesses have traditionally operated are not sustainable. We can't be a part of an industry that puts profits above people and planet. So we are working to change the balance, to change the industry.

By supporting Get A Grip Studio you are sending a message out to the rest of the industry. That it is not OK to pollute and to exploit to make a profit. It is also not OK to offer a small range of sustainable garments whilst still making the majority of revenue from cheap conventional cotton garments and virgin plastic-based fabrics.


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