We are relocating the studio in July 2023. Production will be shut temporarily while we move between 3rd-14th July. Last standard order cut-off before shutdown will be 12th June.


Stanley/Stella arrived in 2012 and transformed the market for wholesale organic cotton and sustainable garments. They now offer over 120 sustainable and re-brandable products using organic cotton, tencel, modal, linen, recycled polyester and more. They are one of the few wholesale brands that have fully committed to sustainable materials. So they fit perfectly with what we do here at Get A Grip Studio.


Their flagship men's tee, and our best seller, the Stanley Creator comes in a staggering 96 colours!


We offer the full range of Stanley/Stella garments with the majority for you to design, brand and order online. 

Most Stanley/Stella garments can be ordered with your decoration directly through our website. Choose your product below:

Order Stanley/Stella Garments Online

  • Fuser unisex relaxed t-shirt (STTU759) Thumbnail
  • Unisex Archer hoodie sweatshirt (STSU011) Thumbnail
  • Unisex Cruiser iconic hoodie sweatshirt  Thumbnail
  • Unisex Matcher sweatshirt (STSU799) Thumbnail
  • Radder oversized brushed crewneck (STSU857) Thumbnail
  • Roller unisex crewneck sweatshirt (STSU868) Thumbnail
  • Women's Stella Jazzer the essential t-shirt (STTW039) Thumbnail
  • Shifts dry, Unisex dry hand feeling long sleeve t-shirt (STTM558) Thumbnail
  • Stella Expresser Thumbnail
  • Unisex Changer iconic crew neck sweatshirt (STSU823) Thumbnail
  • Unisex Waker shorts (STBU070) Thumbnail
  • Stanley Steps Thumbnail
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