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Designing for Screen Printing

  Designing for Screen Printing With screen printing, how good your prints turn out will be determined by how good your artwork is in combination with the knowledge and skill of the artwork separator but also the methods and equipment used by the print studio. Your prints can be affected in so many ways, what inks are used, how taught the screens are, the mesh count of the screens, whether the screens were exposed using film or a CTS, how sharp the squeegees are, whether they are hand printed or semi auto printed, the offset used, the choice and accuracy of colours mixed. What is most in your control is the artwork you supply and how well you communicate your ideas and expectations. Don’t assume a printer will know your preferences and opinions of what is a nice print, leaving it up to the printer and saying ‘you're the expert, I trust your judgment’ may sound like you are being an easy going customer but actually, what we as printers would like is specifics. Send a spec but be rea