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For those of you really interested in sustainability and the re-use of materials, we don't think anything could ever top the Salvage range from Continental Clothing.


When garments are made there are always off-cuts which end up too small to be used. Some conscientious manufacturers re-purpouse these as rags or fill/padding for cushions and furniture. Salvage goes a few steps further. The offcuts of Continental Clothing's Earthpsoitive range (100% organic cotton with a 90% lower carbon footprint) are 'un-spun' and weaved, along with 100% PCW recycled PET (from plastic bottles) to make a range of garments which are 50% recycled polyester and 50% recycled organic cotton.



The process and materials give an excellent heather or melange effect to the fabric, and the garments benefit from the fabric shape and stability offered by the polyester content.


We offer the full range of Salvage garments, the garments we print most often for our customers are below.


Global Organic Textile Standard
Fair Wear Foundation
Organic Blended Content Standard
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