Custom Screen Printed Tea-Towels, Aprons and Cushion Covers

Custom screen printed tea towels, cushion covers, and aprons with waterbased inks

Our homeware range includes 100% organic cotton tea towels (t-towels), 100% organic cotton aprons, Fairtrade cotton aprons and 100% organic cotton cushion covers, aong with Fairtrade cushion covers and bottle bags. 

As with all of our products there are more options available to be customised with our water based inks, but these are a hand picked selection for you.

Our main organic and sustainable tea-towels, aprons and cushion covers ready for re-branding

  • Organic Cotton Tea Towel Thumbnail
  • Westford Mill Cotton Adult Craft Apron Thumbnail
  • Westford Mill Cotton Junior Craft Apron Thumbnail
  • Westford Mill Cotton Bottle Bag Thumbnail
  • Organic Cotton Cushion Cover Thumbnail
  • Organic Cotton Apron without Pocket Thumbnail
  • Organic Cotton Apron with Pocket Thumbnail
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