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Get A Grip Studio Environmental Sustainability Policy


Get A Grip Studio has a policy of reducing the studio’s energy consumption on an ongoing basis.   Where possible print will be done in batches of several jobs at a time to reduce unnecessary warm up/cool down time/usage.  Power points are turned off when not in use and everything is checked and turned off at the end of each day.  Electricity is supplied by Good Energy, a provider of 100% renewable energy. All equipment used is the most energy efficient available. Work is produced on manual equipment where is represents most efficient use of energy.



Greenhouse Gases

Through foot printing the studio with the Carbon Trust, Get A Grip Studio will become more aware of its GHG usage and put a plan in place to reduce the emission of GHGs from energy consumption and other activities that contribute to global warming. GHG targets include levels of carbon dioxide, methane and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  The Studio is looking to become a Carbon Neutral studio in 2016 and also ready uses Carbon Neutral courier services through Interlink and Cycle4U cycle courier for local deliveries.



Get A Grip Studio reviews its water usage on a regular basis in order to implement measures to reduce mains water consumption at every stage of the screen printing process as well as office/kitchen use. The studio is certified to show that waste water from the wet room processes (washing out and reclaiming screens, washing of squeegees, spatulas etc) is safe to dispose of normally without any treating agent.  A water usage record is in use for screen reclaiming as a high water use activity.




Get A Grip Studio is committed to sustainable travel, encouraging the use of public transport, bicycles and walking, and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from work-related travel. The Studio discourages unnecessary travel/use of private motor transport for both travel to the Studio and travel for other work purposes during the day.  Rail is served by Bournville Station 0.5 miles away and bus numbers 45/47 run every few minutes along Pershore Road, five minutes walk from the studio.  A Studio bike is available for use by employees and interns/apprentices.




No hazardous waste is produced by Get A Grip Studio and no waste ever goes to landfill.  Recycling and waste collection services are provided by First Mile, a Carbon Neutral company, who recycle a wide variety of materials.  First Mile’s non-recyclable waste (generally less than 10% of what we have collected) goes to making green energy.


Get A Grip Studio’s Purchasing Policy is to purchase products and services that reduce the Studio’s environmental impact and minimise pollution to land, air and water, whilst increasing the use of sustainable products and products that allow end-of-life recycling.  Suppliers are chosen for their environmental credentials and ethical conduct and a minimum of WRAP certification is required for all textiles, with a preference of GOTS certification.  The use of organic/sustainable fabrics is recommended to all clients and solely organic/sustainable materials are used for GAG retail/trade products and uniforms.  Get A Grip Studio is certified by the Soil Association to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Sandards).




Get A Grip Studio aims to avoid environmental impact on biodiversity both locally and globally through it’s trading practices and supplier choices.  The Studio aims to preserve and where possible improve wildlife habitats in non-urban and urban environments, including establishing and maintaining wildlife friendly habitats on site in the form of bee/butterfly friendly planters.



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